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Studio Sante is a space for your health and relaxation. A place where you treat yourself to kind care for your body, mind and soul through selected massage techniques. Massages are a beautiful way to establish a deeper contact with our physical body with an overlap into the finer levels of being. A well-executed massage harmonizes the organism as a whole and, if it is regular, can significantly improve the condition of the person being massaged. A quality relaxation massage is also one of the most effective methods for reducing stress and mental exhaustion. The busy times in which we live place increased demands on the psyche. Treating yourself to quality rest and regenerating your strength is no less important for the healthy functioning of the body than a quality diet or drinking regimen. Every person is different, but essentially we are no different. Massage helps detoxify the body, harmonizes the mind and the natural flow of energy. This process is not some hidden magic. By stimulating delicate tissues and nerve endings and retuning the mind to rest mode, hormones are released and changed, which bring feelings of inner satisfaction to the treated individual - stress is washed away. The mind spontaneously tunes into a different frequency than during active activity. The mental well-being that Alpha brain waves induce improves sleep quality, learning ability, increases productivity and our immunity. Endorphins are naturally produced, creating a good mood. During the massage, I use selected, centuries-proven massage techniques to support vitality and relieve stress. I approach this work with great respect and reverence for every person who comes to me. 

I look forward to meeting you! 


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I massage in professional massage studios in Brno and Blansko. 

- BRNO studio:
Valchařská 75

- BLANSKO studio: Bozeny Němcová 9 

At your address

"Everything about the massages was great. The atmosphere was soothing, I could relax and enjoy the massage. Lubomír works intuitively and really feels the body. I definitely felt the difference afterwards."

                     Alexandra M.

The massage was luxurious. The masseur was nice, gentle, very helpful and empathetic. I enjoyed the full relax. I was pleasantly surprised by the fullness of touches when using forearms, elbows and palms.

Sara P.

Thank you for a great massage! After the day's hustle and bustle, it was perfect rest, relaxation and a back like new :)

Ellis O.

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