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"Massage is a kind of art, the art of touch. The art of transmitting kind energy that can heal".

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A few words about me

I originally studied fine arts. Specifically, a painting. I am an active painter and visual arts are an integral part of my life. But I never lived in the idea that a person has to devote his whole life to a single profession. I like the variety of possibilities in life. Creativity, thanks to which a person can create anything and thus develop his potential throughout his life. In the days of my tender youth, I studied and practiced yoga intensively and practiced regular meditation. I occasionally came into contact with massages and tried to massage intuitively myself, but I lacked a certain guide, a system for how to perform massages. How to connect intuition with specific techniques and knowledge about the human body and soul. An important experience was my encounter with Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage when I lived in London. This massage appealed to me so much that I wanted to learn it myself. This only happened a few years later after returning to the Czech Republic. The idea of doing massage professionally came to me for the first time about fifteen years ago, but maybe I needed to mature a bit.

At the moment, I see myself more as a masseur of relaxation techniques, the goal of which is deep physical and mental relaxation through conscious touch. I direct the massages so that they are experientially pleasant for my clients. Don't expect any significantly painful, drastic touches. In my studio, you will come across more subtle techniques. On the other hand, if you prefer stronger pressure and intensity, I will reflect this in the massage and tailor the massage to you. The deep release of tension is healing in itself and can directly help heal the cause of many physical ailments and illnesses. Indulging in regular relaxation is absolutely essential to maintaining physical health. The relaxation that an effective massage can induce cannot be compared to ordinary rest. Massage stimulates energy pathways, muscles and soft tissues, and therefore the overall effect on the body is much more intense. All the techniques and massages I offer are backed by studies and the necessary certificates, and I am constantly expanding my knowledge in this field.

In my studio you will find peace, safety, a friendly atmosphere, warmth and the scent of essential oils and, above all, a pleasant relaxing massage of your choice. I look forward to meeting each other.


Book a massage

You can place your order directly here on the website using the order form, or contact me by phone, email, message on WhatsApp or social networks and we will discuss the details "in person".

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