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Classic Swedish massage


Swedish massageis a type of massage therapy that is considered a basic form of massage in Western culture. Using this technique, the massage therapist targets the muscles with a combination of friction, gliding strokes and kneading.

Also known as classical or sports massage, this technique is the most common form of massage therapy. It can be conducted with a focus on health effects, e.g. after sports performance, but also as relaxation therapy. 

Like other types of massage therapy, Swedish massage is promoted as a way to temporarily relieve pain and help you relax. 

General Effects: 

Skin- Skin blood circulation improves, oxygen supply to cells - helps detoxification. The skin's resistance to weather influences increases. Warming up and increasing the surface temperature by up to 1.5 degrees C. Removal of unwanted adhesions in the subcutaneous tissue.

Muscles, tendons- Restoration of elasticity in tendons, prevention of tendon inflammation. Oxygenation of the muscles, increase in temperature and blood circulation - removal of unwanted substances - detoxification. Elimination of spasms. For a tired muscle, massage is more important than rest.

Joints- Restoring mobility, warming up and blood circulation, removing harmful substances from joint membranes and fluid.

Blood circulation and lymphatic system- It indirectly eases the heart's work - massage brings blood from the periphery to the heart faster.

Support for detoxification through the lymphatic system.

Deepening of breath, increasing lung capacity.

Improving the function of the digestive system.

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