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Hawaiian Lomi Lomi


Lomi Lomi– or Hawaiian massage has its roots in ancient Polynesia, where it was practiced as part of the healing systems of Kahuna masters (shamans). Who, above all, with the help of this massage and its principles, were able to harmonize not only the body, but also the mind and spirit of a person.

Basic principles:

Traditional Hawaiian healers work with these intentions

- Dance moves

- Breath

- A loving approach and focus

Dance movements are very important as they help maintain a high level of energy between the client and the therapist and ensure the flow of the massage. Breath, proper breathing ensures a smooth flow of energy in harmony with the client and the therapist. It is the basic essence of universal energy. The loving approach and focus is based on the ancient Polynesian teaching of the Hun, which seeks harmony and love behind everything, helping to remove old belief patterns, thought patterns and behavior patterns.

Hawaiian massage does not have a fixed system, it is very intuitive and there are many traditions, teachings and variations of this massage.

It differs from classic Swedish massage primarily in its historical and philosophical context. Furthermore, it uses its own massage technique, which is largely performed by the therapist's forearm. During the massage, the body as a whole (not intimate parts) is massaged with long, gentle strokes that resemble ocean waves. The massage is deeply relaxing, therapeutic, energetic.  

Main effects of massage:

- Release of muscle tension

- Speeding up the washing away of waste materials

- Discharge and equalization of the body's energy

- Release of mental tension

-Acceleration of blood and lymph flow

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